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LifeLine Outreach is a faith based non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention center for men. LifeLine Outreach was established in 1976 by Rev. David Hernandez, Senior Pastor of Family Life Center Apostolic Church in Whittier, CA.

Rev. David Hernandez, a former drug addict and gang member, recognized the need for a Christian rehabilitation center which would provide help for men all over the country. LifeLine Outreach in partnership with Family Life Center Apostolic Church has been a landmark for many men who have chosen the path of restoration through Christ. Families have been restored and lives which were deemed lost have found new beginnings.

Rev. Steve Perez is a graduate of LifeLine Outreach and now pastors at The Fountain Apostolic Church in Ventura, CA. Rev. Perez is a living testimony of God's power through LifeLine Outreach. Rev. Perez was called to pastor in Ventura County in January 2006 with a vision to open a LifeLine Outreach - Ventura facility.

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